Credit Card

MyUSA Credit Union offers several MasterCard ® Credit Card options. All with low interest rates and plenty of benefits to optimize your spending power.

Interest Rates Certified by Datatrac

Mobile Wallets

apple pay google pay and samsung pay

Make payments with a single touch in participating stores and restaurants. Load our Mastercard or Visa Credit Card to your Apple, Google or Samsung Mobile Wallet.

Contactless Purchase

contactless symbol

Look for the Contactless symbol at checkout and simply tap your Mastercard or Visa Credit Card. Your payment is processed in seconds! 

Visit our FAQ Page for additional information on Contactless Purchase.

MobiMoney Card Control App


The only app that gives you full control of your Mastercard and Visa Credit Card usage. Turn you card off/on, receive instant alerts, and limit usage based on preferences you select.

Visit our FAQ Page for additional information on MobiMoney.


  • Competitive rates
  • REWARDS program
  • Secure chip-EMV card technology
  • Easy access through Online / Mobile Banking
  • Automated payment options
  • Consolidated statements
  • True 25-day grace period
  • 24-hour ATMS: look for Mastercard or PLUS logos
  • Cash advances
  • Mastercard Secure Code*
  • Mobile app card controls

Subject to credit approval. Some restrictions may apply. Contact a MyUSA CU associate for details.

* Mastercard Secure Code is a unique service that uses personal passwords to help our members protect Mastercard card numbers against unauthorized use. Once you activate your card, no one else can use your Mastercard card number at any participating online stores without your personal password. Mastercard Secure Code is available only for select Mastercard cards from participating financial institutions.

When you travel, you make purchases outside your normal pattern. These purchases may be blocked by our fraud department. Prior to traveling outside the state, contact us using one of these methods:

  • Call us at 800-633-8905
  • Complete our secure online travel notification form:

Travel Notification

For additional Mastercard and Visa Debit Card security, download our MobiMoney App to turn your card off/on, receive instant alerts, and limit usage based on preferences you select.

REACH Financial Success Education

Credit Cards

83% of adults in the US have at least one credit card. A credit card can be a great financial tool with many benefits, but it’s important that consumers also understand the consequence if they don’t use their cards responsibly. This short, interactive learning experience will review:

  • How credit cards work
  • The benefits and risks of credit cards
  • How credit card use influences your credit score