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Take your Credit Union with you wherever you go to make purchases a breeze! Our team is here to help you decide which MyUSA Credit Card* option is best for you. And you can feel confident knowing that all our cards come with low interest rates and plenty of benefits to optimize your spending power.

We also offer gift cards for last minute gift ideas.

Got an extra 5-10 minutes?

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Credit Card Benefits

  • Competitive rates
  • Mobile app card controls
  • Scorecard Rewards program (FAQ)
  • Secure chip-EMV card technology
  • Easy access through Online / Mobile Banking
  • Automated payment options
  • Consolidated statements
  • 25-day grace period
  • 24-hour ATMs
  • Cash advances
  • Mastercard Secure Code**

Travel Tips

When you travel, you make purchases outside your normal pattern. These purchases may be blocked by our fraud department. Prior to traveling, complete our online travel notification form.

Order a New Card

If you need to order a replacement credit card, complete our online card replacement form.

Interactive Learning Experiences

A credit card can be a great financial tool with many benefits. But it’s important that you also understand the consequences if you don’t use cards responsibly. Zogo offers short, interactive learning experiences that will tell it to you straight and empower you to make smart financial decision.

We partner with the app that pays you to learn financial literacy. Download Zogo today with access code MYUSA.

Interest Rates Certified by Datatrac

*Subject to credit approval. Some restrictions may apply. Contact a MyUSA associate for details.
** Mastercard Secure Code is a unique service that uses personal passwords to help our members protect Mastercard card numbers against unauthorized use. Once you activate your card, no one else can use your Mastercard card number at any participating online stores without your personal password. Mastercard Secure Code is available only for select Mastercard cards from participating financial institutions.