A savings account is the heart of your MyUSA Credit Union membership. Once you’re a member, we can help you reach your goals with a variety of other savings, checking, products, and services. Whether you are saving for an emergency, a new home, an automobile, college education, or retirement, we have a savings account to meet your needs.

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Main Savings

When you join a credit union, you pledge a “share” that enables you to participate in the member-owned cooperative and ensures you a vote in the democratic process. A $5 deposit in our Main Savings Account establishes your membership with MyUSA Credit Union.

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Club Savings

A MyUSA’s Club Savings Account is the easiest way for you to save and budget for your next big life event: the holidays, a wedding, car, vacation – whatever you need to save money for.

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Youth Savings

Members up to age 18, can kick start their financial future with one of our high dividend savings accounts. Contact us for details.

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REACH Financial Success Education

Savings Accounts

Choosing a savings account may seem simple enough, but with a little extra research you can make an informed decision to help you maximize your money! This short, interactive learning experience will teach you ways to use a savings accounts to reach your financial goals, like:

  • Setting savings goals
  • Types of savings accounts
  • Smart saving habits to meet your financial needs

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REACH Financial Success Education

Building Emergency Savings

It’s important to make sure you’re prepared for unexpected situations that may arise in life. This short, interactive learning experience will teach you how you can build a savings account dedicated to dealing with emergency circumstances, such as injuries, illnesses, or repairs for cars and appliances.

  • What types of emergencies you might need to save for
  • How to develop a savings strategy
  • Resources to help you in your planning