Overdraft Protection Options

One important part of managing your money is not spending more than you have. Many times, we spend money without thinking how it will affect our account balances, which can result in an overdraft fee. For those times in life that don’t go as planned, you have MyUSA CU’s Overdraft Products. These options help you avoid denied transactions and returned items (and fees!). Choose which products work for you!

Overdraft Protection (Transfer)

This optional coverage protects your account in the event of an overdraft of a checking account (checks, ACH, and bill payment items). Link an account of your choice (savings, line of credit, or another account), and money will be transferred from that account to your checking to cover an item when there aren’t sufficient funds. Contact the credit union in order to set up this service.

* Until you exceed the 6 allowable transfers from a savings account per Regulation D.

Courtesy Pay

As a benefit to our members, MyUSA CU offers Courtesy Pay for our members’ checking accounts. When used, this feature will save you overdraft fees charged by many other companies for returned items, as well as time and inconvenience. If Overdraft Protection is not assigned, or if there is not enough available to pay the item, Courtesy Pay may kick in and take your account up to $500 negative. A per item fee applies and the service may not cover every day debit card purchases or ATM (see next tab). This is automatic coverage as long as the following qualifications are met:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Account must be open for at least 60 days
  • Account must have at least $400 in ACH deposits per month
  • Account must not be continuously overdrawn for 30 days

Courtesy Pay for Everyday Debit and ATM Transactions

In the event of an overdraft of a checking account caused by a debit card transaction or ATM withdrawal, items are paid. Per item fee applies. Member must contact the credit union to opt in.

REACH Financial Success Education

Preventing Overdraft Fees

An important part of managing your money includes making sure your spending doesn’t exceed the amount of cash you have. If you dip below the available balance in your checking account, you will likely be hit with an overdraft fee, which just adds to the bills you need to pay. This short, interactive learning experience give you insights like:

  • Programs to help you manage your checking accounts and avoid overdraft fees
  • How overdraft fees can impact your finances
  • Laws and regulations to protect you from unwarranted fees