Community Standards

We believe everyone should have an opportunity to feel accepted and connected to the MyUSA community. This means:

  • Creating a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment for all
  • Fair treatment and acceptance of people from all backgrounds
  • Leveraging our differences to deliver extraordinary service to our diverse community

Inappropriate or disrespectful actions or comments are not acceptable from anyone associated with the MyUSA community – members, employees, vendors, or guests. Harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia, or mistreatment of anyone, of any kind and for any reason, is not tolerated and may result in termination of membership, restricted access to MyUSA services, termination of third-party associations, or termination of employment for employees.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Racist, sexist, religious, ethnic, or other discriminatory language, including stereotyping, slurs, jokes, or hostile graphic/written material
  • Sexual harassment
  • Photographing, videotaping, or recording on our premises without proper consent
  • Verbal or physical threats
  • Disruptive and/or aggressive behavior or dialogue, including bullying behavior, such as:
    • Interfering with or damaging MyUSA property such as desk items, workstations, tools, or equipment
    • Name-calling of any kind
    • Abusive language
    • Threatening to harm property
  • Threatening to use any object or weapon against another person
  • Any behaviors or comments that humiliate, intimidate, demean, or harm an individual

Should any employee, member, or guest of MyUSA experience harassment or discrimination, we will actively investigate to understand the situation and seek a timely resolution. We will treat everyone involved fairly and transparently and seek to understand all sides of any incident. MyUSA Credit Union strives to be a great workplace for our employees & members, and we must work together to create a welcoming environment for all.