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Let your BFF (Best Financial Friend) help you save for the future. Contact us today to start earning up to 4.60% APY1* for 18 months on a Certificate.

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No Closing Costs on a HELOC5

Do you have home improvement projects, or want to pay off high interest debt? How about a vacation? Now is the time to take advantage of this deal!


Pick Your Payment6

Pick your payment for up to 3 months on your new auto loan!

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MyUSA’s growth relies, in part, on our Members. You probably know people who could benefit from the products and services we offer. Help us grow stronger by referring your family, friends, babysitter, co-worker, dog sitter, etc… anyone you can think of! Tell a friend or family member about MyUSA and you both could earn $50*!

Refer a friend and earn $50!

Pay Yourself a Bonus3 Up to $300

It pays to refinance with us. We could save you thousands on your loan. Get $50 for every $5,000 in loan balances you move to MyUSA. Vehicle, boat, motorcycle, RV, personal loan, or credit card.

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Free up funds! Log in to online banking or our mobile app to get started. Then simply click the three dots next to the loan you would like to skip, and click Skip-A-Payment.

Bill Payment Reminder

When using Bill Pay and/or USPS to send payments to MyUSA Credit Union, please be sure you are sending it to one of the addresses below:

MyUSA Credit Union
3600 Towne Blvd
Middletown, OH 45005


MyUSA Credit Union
PO BOX 452
Middletown, OH 45042

Interest Rates Certified by Datatrac

1 *APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Share certificate APY disclosed effective as of 8/3/2023 and includes BFF Perks rate bonus of 0.25%. Offer and rates subject to end without notice. Minimum deposit $500 to open and earn dividends. Other rates, terms and fees may apply including penalty for early withdrawal; Speak to a MyUSA associate for details. 

BFF Perks program terms and conditions subject to change or end without notice.  BFF Perks status may change monthly as loan rate rewards will be applied the first day of the month and share certificate rate rewards will be on the last day of the quarter. Both will be based upon the prior month-end qualifying account status.  To receive BFF Perks rewards, a member must have a minimum of two qualifying accounts which may include a checking account, share certificate, credit card, personal loan, line of credit, HELOC, auto, boat, RV or motorcycle loan.  BFF Perks rewards include a 0.25% rate reduction on all auto, boat, RV or motorcycle loans and a 0.25% dividend rate bonus on share certificates.  Any checking account with a negative balance or any delinquent loan obligation as of the previous month-end may not be considered an eligible qualifying account in calculation of that month’s BFF Perks.  Other terms, conditions, limits and fees may apply; speak to a MyUSA associate for details.

2 Referring member must be a current MyUSA member and maintain an active account in good standing with MyUSA. $50 referral reward will be deposited to the referring member’s and new member’s main share within 45 days of the confirmed new referred account. Referred party must open and maintain a Main Share Membership Savings Account with a balance of $5.00 to join MyUSA and open a checking account with a minimum deposit of $50 and direct deposit. Referred party cannot have any existing accounts with MyUSA as primary or joint owner, have closed an account within the past 90 days, or have been paid a promotional reward in the past 12 months. $50 reward will be deposited to the referred member’s new checking account within 45 days of account opening. Limit one payment per account type. Accounts must remain open and in good standing for a minimum of 90 days or MyUSA reserves the right to reclaim the reward payment. Offer subject to end without notice. MyUSA Credit Union employees are not eligible to participate.

3 Annual Percentage Rate (APR) valid on eligible loans will be the standard published rate and may vary depending on individual’s credit history, terms chosen and underwriting factors. Minimum loan amount $5,000 for this offer. Loans will be approved up to current loan limits and under normal underwriting conditions. Offer valid on personal loans, credit card, auto, motorcycle, boat and RV loans only. Offer excludes business loans and any other loan not listed above. Offer valid only on new loans to MyUSA and cannot be used to refinance an existing MyUSA loan. In order to open a loan, you must first become a MyUSA CU member, be 18 years of age, and satisfy MyUSA’s underwriting criteria; not all applicants will qualify. For eligible loans that are currently not held by MyUSA CU, primary member will receive $50 for every $5,000 in loan balances, up to a maximum amount of $300. Cash rebate will be deposited into the member’s savings account within 10 days of loan funding. Cash reward is considered taxable income and the recipient is responsible for any reportable amount to the IRS. MyUSA reserves the right to reclaim the rebate dollars if the loan is paid off or refinanced prior to 180 days after loan funding, which may include delay of lien release until rebate dollars are collected by MyUSA. Offer subject to change or end without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer. Other terms, conditions, limits, and fees may apply; speak to any MyUSA Associate for more details.

4 A processing fee of $40 per loan applies. This offer is available on select loan types that are in good standing. Loans excluded from this offer include: Credit Cards, Lines of Credit (Overdraft Loans, Express LOC, and Interest Only HELOC), Mortgages (1st Mortgage and Fixed Rate 2nd Mortgage), and Member Business Loans. To take advantage of this, your loan must be open a minimum of 180 days. Loans have a maximum of two skip a pays per year and six skip a pays per life of the loan, with a minimum of 60 days between each skip a pay. Please realize that if your loan has GAP coverage, any skipped payments will not be covered by a GAP claim. All other terms and conditions of the original loan agreement are unchanged and remain in full effect. Interest will continue to accrue. Payments resume the month following the month that the payment was skipped. This offer is not transferable. The maturity date of closed-end loans will be extended one month. For Closed-End Loans: The maturity date of closed-end loans will be extended one month. For Home Equity Lines of Credit: The draw period and repayment period of Home Equity Lines of Credit will remain unchanged. For Automatic Payments: If your loan is currently paid via payroll deduction or other automatic deductions, the amount normally applied to your loan during the month will be deposited into your main share savings account for the month that you have chosen to skip. If a full monthly payment is transferred from a savings or checking account at MyUSA, the transfer will not occur in the month that you have chosen to skip.

5 Annual Percentage Rate (APR) valid on eligible Ohio loans will be the standard published rate and may vary depending on individual’s credit history, terms chosen and *Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) – Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is variable and based on a range of -1.00% below Prime to 4.00% above Prime as listed in the Wall Street Journal as of the last business day of each month. As the Prime Rate changes, the APR on your account will also change. The APR may vary depending upon each individual’s credit history, credit line, loan-to-value (LTV) and underwriting factors. The minimum APR that can be applied is 3.00%, and maximum APR that can be applied is 18.00%. An annual inactivity fee of $50 may apply. For Ohio HELOCs, MyUSA will waive the closing cost associated with the loan. If borrower cancels loan application while in process or chooses to not close the loan upon approval (regardless of approved amount), the borrower/member will be responsible for reimbursement of the closing cost (including appraisal, flood cert, title search, and recording fees). Offer valid only on Primary, Owner Occupied residence. Additional fees may be required for loans over 80% and are the financial responsibility of the borrower.

6 Loans subject to credit review and approval. Deferral promotion applies to new vehicle loans or non-MyUSA Credit Union vehicle refinances only. Interest will continue to accrue on loans during deferment and borrower will be required to begin payment at the end of the deferment period. See GAP Agreement for any coverage restrictions. For details call (800)633-8905.